Becoming an Enrolled Agent: 6 Reasons Why You Should Become an EA

how to become an ea

They must also pass the verification of their background check and maintain their agent status through continuing education. Simply put, an enrolled agent can perform all of the same functions as a CPA or Attorney before any office of the IRS. The law firm bookkeeping role of an enrolled agent extends beyond simply preparing tax returns. Enrolled agents can help taxpayers navigate audits, request payment agreements with the IRS, settle tax debts and various collection issues, and handle taxpayer appeals.

Tax laws and regulations change regularly, thus creating a high demand for experienced professionals in this area. Check the SEE candidate information bulletin, answer sample exam questions, and use other references for the test preparation. Also, unless otherwise stated, all questions relate to the calendar year 2022. Questions that contain the term ‘current tax year’ refer to the calendar year 2022. In answering questions, candidates should not take into account any legislation or court decisions after December 31, 2022.

How to Become an Executive Assistant When You’re New to the Field or Switching Roles

While the types of tasks that executive assistants perform can vary from position to position, they all tend to perform similar high level tasks and duties. Enrolled agents must complete 72 hours of continuing education every 36 months to maintain their enrollment status with IRS. They are subject to the guidelines of Circular 230, which provides ethical standards in their profession. They also have a code of ethics and rules set out by NAEA for its members. An enrolled agent is a tax professional who is given permission to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.

how to become an ea

Explore the different career opportunities and look into what you would like to be doing as an EA. Basically, EAs represent both individuals and businesses before the IRS, like attorneys and CPAs, but there are a variety of ways to do so. The IRS will consider all parts of your application before deciding if you’re eligible to become an enrolled agent. However, the entire process can take up to 60 days to complete. After you’ve passed all three Enrolled Agent exam parts within two years, you’ll need to apply for EA enrollment. It is important to begin thinking about your study plan early in the process.

Professional References

The EA exam isn’t available in March or April because this time is set aside each year by the IRS to update the EA exam. After you complete the EA exam scheduling process, check your email to make sure you receive your appointment confirmation, which contains other useful information about your exam. If you notice any issues, reach out to Prometric as soon as possible to correct your appointment information.

how to become an ea

Here are five things your career should not be in your life—and what your career absolutely can be. Here’s our case for slow work and why working smarter doesn’t always mean working harder. Career mapping is the process by which employers create methods for individual advancement within their company. Choose events and conferences that help you round out your existing skills and become a qualified candidate for any Executive Assistant position.

Entry Level Jobs

CPAs are authorized to represent you before the IRS in all circumstances. Those specializing in tax preparation may usually assist you with tax and financial planning, accounting demands, and most other financial responsibilities. Enrolled Agents (EA) are tax professionals licensed by the federal government and can represent taxpayers in front of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most people assume that once they leave school they are also closing the door on taking stressful exams.

  • Consequently, you’ll need to commit basic tax formulas to memory.
  • Nevertheless, in order to maintain your enrolled agent status, you can’t forget about the continuing education (EA CE) requirements.
  • For example, several Becker CPE courses are ideal for Enrolled Agent CE, and I even have discounts available.
  • CPAs and attorneys are the only professionals who hold such status before the IRS.
  • In addition, we see that “agent” means a person authorized to appear in place of the taxpayer before the IRS.

These multi-location workshops give hopeful, beginning, and experienced EAs plenty of information to either start or enhance their careers. Read The Assist to learn how EAs get their best work done and make your own strategy for being the best EA ever when you land that job. Look for opportunities that include a well-rounded list of responsibilities. This way, you can pick up skills in as many key areas as possible. According to most reports, Executive Assistants work long, and often odd, hours.

Each part is taken as a separate 100 multiple choice question exam and you will have 3.5 hours to answer all questions for that part. You must complete 72 hours of CE (16 hours minimum per year) every 3 years. Additionally, you will have to wait a little longer to finish the process.

  • EAs, unlike CPAs, cannot provide compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statements; nevertheless, they can often undertake bookkeeping work for tax return preparation.
  • Before your Application for Enrollment to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service can be approved, you’ll need to pass a suitability check.
  • Part 2, Businesses, seems to give people the most trouble, so you will need to spend even more time on this section.
  • The EA licensing examination contains three parts, each consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions.
  • A minimum of 16 hours must be earned per year, two of which must be on ethics.

A few of our favorite EA review courses include Becker, Surgent, and Wiley. Above all, remember to maintain a positive attitude throughout the testing window. There’s no doubt that obtaining an EA certification can be stressful, but with the right mindset, you can achieve your goals. Prometric takes the safety of their staff and test takers extremely seriously.